Hanging Artwork The Correct Way

Artwork Hanging

Without a doubt, the most common design mistake we see in client homes is artwork that was hung incorrectly. Artwork is one of the hardest pieces to find for your home but hanging it can be even harder! Here are some simple tricks our team uses to ensure each piece not only looks great but works great in your space.


Hang Your Artwork at Eye Level: The magic number in hanging art is 60 inches- this is what you want to measure between the center of your artwork and the floor. Hanging multiple pieces together? The same rule still applies- measure 60 inches from the center of that collection!


Consider Your Scale: Scale is a difficult concept to master but it is essential to keep in mind when purchasing artwork. Hanging something too small will look miniscule in comparison to the room and hanging something too large will make the room feel smaller than it really is. Work around your furniture to see what size art will look best- at HBD Interiors we love planning spaces virtually so we can visualize what each potential piece will look like with your furniture!


Cohesive Collage: Gallery walls are a great way to bring some personality to your walls. Keeping the spacing consistent between frames will make the overall wall feel more cohesive. We recommend using similarly styled frames together as opposed to drastically different frames which can easily start to feel disjointed. (Of course- in the right space this can turn out stunning, but it takes a great eye to make it come together.) If you are struggling to figure out where to place each piece, try tracing out each frame on paper and using painters’ tape to create a mock layout on the wall- trust us, your walls will thank you!


If you have been thinking about adding some new artwork into your space and need help finding the right piece, our interior designers at HBD Interiors would be happy to help! Contact us to learn more about our design process and check out our design portfolio for inspiration.

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